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Movie:  Domestic Damages is the story of seven women trying to escape domestic violence. Seven women from different echelons of life. Among them there is a writer, an immigrant, an artist, and the wife of an athlete. This film is based on true stories as told to the writer but woven into a work of fiction. The stories are true, but these women have only met and come to know each other within the confines of this work of fiction.

Play:  The Johnson sisters, Selcie, Emma, and Lee own Divas, a small clothing design company in Atlanta. Lee meets a guy, Justice, through a computer dating service. Justice comes in and changes the lives of all three sisters. In the meantime, Trey, the sisters' cousin, introduces them to Grammy award winning singer, Constance Adams, who hires them to make her wedding gown. This play, while carrying us through the complexities of joy and pain, demonstrates the flexibility of the human spirit and family ties. Copyright © 2007  Synthia Williams. All Rights Reserved.

Play:  Sins of the Father is the story of Caleb “Tigereye” Hamilton, a well known blues singer, who returns home to Atlanta after nine years to spend time with his son and father. His homecoming is marred by secrets of the past and now those of the present. If they want to salvage their relationships, this grandfather, son and grandson must lay bare their secrets in order to hear, understand, and forgive each other before it's too late.  Copyright © 2012  Synthia Williams. All Rights Reserved.



Play:  Cora Garrison has passed away and her daughters, Mavis and Anne, have come to her home to pack up her things. Mavis and Anne grew up in this house and the memories are threatening to over take them, unless they can sort them out and pack them away forever.  Copyright © 2010 Synthia Williams. All Rights Reserved.


Play:  Seven women come together to find healing from the domestic abuse that has shaped their lives. They have come to talk, listen, and maybe learn how to cope and survive another day. What they find is strength and a will to take back their lives from their abusers.  The stories are true, but these women have only met and come to know each other within the confines of this work of fiction. Copyright © 2014  Synthia Williams. All Rights Reserved.

Film:  Police detective, Mark Taylor  is found dead after infiltrating a drug cartel while working undercover. His son, a private-eye and his daughter, a police officer,  born of different mothers must put aside their differences in order to solve their father's  murder.  Copyright © 2006 Synthia Williams. All Rights Reserved.

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