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"Boxing Memories is a great story of secrets---secrets that can destroy but can also heal. Like much of theater, we go for entertainment. Yet, it is also especially fulfilling when we leave a little more sensitive to people and the pain they bury deep inside of them. Not only does Boxing Memories provide a backdrop for a bit of laughter; it is also laced with those threads of humanity that we sometimes miss but always need to make the world a more caring and comfortable place to be. Ms. Williams and Ms. Walker brought those elements to the stage splendidly!"

"Amazing!  This is a must see play. Don't miss this wonderful cast. "

Taurean Blacque


"Having seen all of Cynthia's other plays I was really look forward to Boxing Memories. I was very impressed that a story with so many twists and turns could be told with just two characters. No doubt, it was a challenge for them but you couldn't tell. The story and the acting was flawless and captivating. Great job New African Grove!!"
Dianne Bryant 

"A story that needed to be told and they did it justice!"

Cynemon A.

"I loved the performance it was truly captivating with each moment of dialogue,unraveling painful memories The actors were riveting revealing truths and exposing nuances and,mannerisms of the characters so I could really see into the lives of these two women. Great performance."

Renee Scott

"Synthia Williams did a beautiful job of sharing a family story that many share...beautifully written!"

Courtney Nichole

"I truly enjoyed this production the location was great and the show was even greater. This was a well produced and acted show and I look forward to attending another one!"


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