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Reviews (Excerpts)

"Sins of the Father": A Modern Masterpiece of American Family.

By Kalisha Buckhanon on October 16, 2015 


..."Since then, black theatre—like most of black cultural Americana—has continued to include the ongoing African-American experience of its oppressive caste as a central theme. Yet so much more of it also quiets that theme to make the stage exist primarily for the characters’ humanities. Masters of yesterday like August Wilson and Ron Milner, as well as new classicists like Lydia Diamond and Pearl Cleage, exploit theatre in its most traditional forms to give the black family home and the love within it credit as all an audience needs.


Synthia Williams’ play Sins of the Father  falls in line with this tradition of subversive radicalism, with the story of three generations of black men told with such simple purity and grace it is hard to know when or how the play even ends. "...

Breaking into the Darkness

Sins of the Father at eta Creative Arts Foundation



..."Women, although absent from the play, are essentially what tie the men together. Synthia Williams highlights the idea that romantic struggles can foster camaraderie among men in a scene where George, Caleb, and T-Bone, an old friend of George, sit and drink together, each recounting his own romantic history. As they exchange stories, they empathize with one another, understanding that in the face of love, each has become Cupid’s captive. In sharing this powerless position they gain trust from one another. Through the male-exclusive environment, Williams is able to glimpse into men’s unique ways of building friendship and communicating emotions."...

Domestic Damages GoldStar Reviews


Very compelling, very real, powerful sharing of all-too-often trauma that never should be. Great acting and character development, and teaching tool. Everyone should see this, aged teenager and up, and be on the lookout for warning signs. Let's talk about this "taboo" topic and ask about how each other is doing, with the intent to help out whenever possible. Have a phone #, website, or some resource available to offer anyone, or "anyone they know who might need this information". Speak up and maybe save a life!


JB    attended Feb 21 2016

Great play about a difficult issue. Well acted. Poignant & powerful. Should be seen by everyone for a better understanding of domestic violence. Well done.


Cheryl Miller Holmes    attended Feb 20 2016

The play was excellently executed. It told the story of how difficulty it can be for women to navigate in their personal relationships. The relationships run the gambit from sibling, parental and marital. I recommend that young women, especially high school age girls, see this wonderful play about the possible scenarios that can occur in personal relationships.


Chico   attended Feb 27 2016

Wonderful play, great actors very touching.

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