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Thank You

Thank you to everyone that came out to see and support Domestic Damages. What a journey! Playwrights create places and characters...we shape, nurture and prepare them not knowing how they will be received by the world. We wait patiently for someone to inhabit them and make them three dimensional. Finally, the right actress or actor comes along and becomes a part of the reality we have created. Such are the first steps into the journey known as theatre and like I said, "what a journey".

I truly wanted to tell this story about these seven wonderful women...these survivors... and in my endeavor to do that I met seven more women who were just as powerful...the cast of Domestic Damages. To all of you I say thank you...YOU the women for sharing your stories...YOU the cast for sharing your gifts...YOU the audience for your time and investment...YOU my friends and family for always believing!

Stay tuned for what's up next!


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