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Monique Andress

"I became more aware of domestic violence when it hit my family. My cousin was brutally killed by her estranged husband. Then I found out my other cousin, a cop, was in a domestic violence situation. In looking at some of the stats, there is still much work to be done. I'm glad to be a part of a project that is bringing awareness to this horrible issue."

Monique Andress, who is fondly called MoDiva by her friends, was born and raised in Brooklyn New York. She did her first supporting role as a Latina character in a play called You Shouldn't Have Told in 1997 and it's been an uphill blessing from there. Other theatre credits include Raisin in the Sun (Ruth), For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow is Not Enuf (Lady in Red), and A Gamble of Faith. Television credits include Louis CK, Celebrity Ghost Story: The Daryl Hannah Story (Biography Channel), and Let's Stay Together (BET). She moved to Atlanta in 2012 and was picked up by People Store Talent Agency. She produced the play The Meeting at Teri J Vaughn's "The Green Room" and she performed with Rodney Perry in his All Stars Improv Show. Monique has also done several independent films including Winter's Reality and The Last Time. She was also blessed to do a commercial for Saedi Law Firm which aired on channel 2. Monique recently completed the Producers Workshop at People TV and is now a Certified Producer and is excited about creating quality programming under her performing arts commpany MoMoDiva Quality Productions.

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